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june 08


Every culture tells stories about the creation of the world we live in. Does it matter whether God made the world in seven days? Perhaps creation was worked over a thousand millenia through the slow process of evolution, or a white giant vomited the sun, the moon and the stars into a universe of chaos. The Iroquois say that Sky Woman placed the earth on the back of a turtle, and other Native American cultures that the Creator placed all living things on the mountainous backbone of the Earth to await the right time. Some say none of these tales are true. At Third Order, though, we wonder the opposite. Are they all true?

This issue, Christopher Kastensmidt brings us one of his own creation myths, while Diane Gallant writes a fable about getting what you want and wanting what you get. A zookeeper gets a taste of the spirit-side in Sabrina Naples' tale of the kami, and Kevin Shaw follows a couple as they test the boundaries of faith and memory in the name of love.


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"Prince of Wolves" by Sabrina Naples
"The Master's Eggs" by Christopher Kastensmidt
"Tea House Dreams" by Diane Gallant
"In Antigua" by Kevin Shaw
Illustration by Elizabeth Seelye

winter 2008

This winter, our writers bring you the very song of the stars; the tears of a grieving, wondering mother; the unrelenting world of a theodule; the struggle to save the children in one woman's house and in another woman's heart; and a story of the secular and the divine, moving side-by-side in the city. Read on. Think a little. Welcome to Third Order!

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"Our Lady of 49 Ursae Majoris" by Richard Parks
"Daughters of Sarah" by LaShawn M. Wanak
"Alone With The Dalai Lama" by John P. Loonam
"Satiation" by Eric Vogt
"Zitidos" by Sally Clark
Illustration by Steve Dismukes

fall 2007.

Darkness. Grace. Sometimes you have to go through one to get to the other.

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Editorial by Karen Osborne
"Hands" by Irene Ferris
"Darkness on the Edge of Town" by Brandon Nolta
"The Sycamore Street Anchoress" by Fred McGavran
"Answer to a Prayer" by Philip J. Lees
"The Revival" by Anne-Marie Yerks
Illustration by Elizabeth Seelye

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